Episode 116

Preserving the Architecture of the Web with Stefan Tilkov

May 30, 2016

There’s a lot of pressure these days to use a JavaScript framework to create every website. “Which one is best?” people ask, “Which one should I use?” Stefan Tilkov joins Jen Simmons to talk about the architectural style of the web, and how to understand to best create an application on the web. What is the role of each of the technologies available?

In This Episode

  • Constraints and Qualities of The Web
  • The Hypermedia format
  • The REST model
  • The ways that we’ve forgotten the architecture of the web before in the past
  • The three core web technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, and the separation of concerns
  • The idea that HTML is not good enough for real programmers
  • Angular, Ember, React — how does a team choose the best tool?
  • The role of JavaScript: to extend the user agent’s capabilities, and do things that cannot be done in HTML or CSS

You can build something that’s very similar to the way you built applications in the past when they were native applications running on Windows or on the Mac… You can escape from the web if you decide to build 100% of your application in JavaScript. You can deliver something through the web and exploit the platform, but you are losing all of the other benefits, and I find that very sad.

Show Notes