Michael Verdi

Michael Verdi has done some cool stuff over the years. He's worked as a nuclear sub engineer, a performance artist, graphic designer, filmmaker, high school teacher, and videoblogger. He wrote a book about videoblogging and made some machinima among other things. These days, he's a user experience designer at Mozilla and the former content manager of Mozilla Support. Michael volunteers with Team In Training and LLS, and just finished his first Ironman triathlon.


Episode 76 The Web Behind, part 11: Videoblogging

Ten years ago, a small group started an email list to figure out how to put video on the web. They ended up starting a movement, posting videos, breaking through technical barriers, and inventing a new medium. Jay Dedman, Ryanne Hodson and Michael Verdi join host Jen Simmons to tell the story in another edition of The Web Behind.

In This Episode

  • How videoblogging got started
  • Who participated on the email list
  • What is was like to put video on a website in 2003
  • The people who first figured this out and why
  • Early video file formats and codec settings
  • Early collaborative video projects and games
  • Key moments that made online video take off
  • How the proliferation of video creation and distribution tools has changed society, or not
  • The need to archive this history

Episode 68 Customer Experience

A revamped version of Firefox is coming, with a tour of what's new. Created by Michael Verdi & team, this tour is a case study in customer experience. What is Customer Experience design and how can it help your projects?

Episode 12 Video

An all-you-can eat historical and technical look at web video. What's up with HTML5 and these competing codecs? How can you use video today? Where are things going in the future? Videoblog innovator Michael Verdi joins host Jen Simmons for a double-length show on video video video.