Holy Cow VR!


My long-time friend and several-time guest of The Web Ahead, Michael Verdi started experimenting with what's possible with Web VR. He'll be blogging about what he discovers, starting with day 1.

So I’ve been working on an idea for a few weeks now and it feels like it’s time to start making things. So I ordered a DK2 and it came in yesterday. I got it set up last night and spent most of the day trying demos and reading up on stuff. Of course MozVR is great place to get started. I literally copied Josh’s example, swapped out some images and made this super simple demo for myself (if you have a DK2, open the page and double-click to enter VR).

It doesn’t do anything but it was fun — like creating your first web page. So I’m going to load up on dramamine and see what I else I can figure out.