Eva Ferreira

Eva is a freelance front-end developer with a passion for teaching. She currently works at the National Technological University of Argentina as a professor while she studies for a BA in Multimedia Design. She also speaks at front-end events such as CSSConf US, CSSConf Australia and SassConf; last but not least, Eva is currently organizing CSSConf Argentina 2016.


Episode 117 Transforming the Shapes

Web pages are visually and technically a pile of boxes. By default, all those boxes are rectangles and squares. But they don't have to be any longer. With CSS we can now transform those rectangles into parallelograms, rhombuses, skewed boxes, circles, and elephants — or any shape we want. Eva Ferreira joins Jen Simmons to talk about what's possible and how to do it.

In This Episode

  • transforms
  • rotation
  • scaling
  • skewing
  • perspective
  • translation
  • clip-path
  • shape-outside
  • how CSS is born