Sara Soueidan

Sara is a freelance front-end web developer from Lebanon. She speaks, and loves to write complete, thorough articles about CSS and SVG, while sipping a cup of fruit-flavored green tea.


Episode 81 Changing the Shapes

So far, page layout on the web has predominantly consisted of a lot of boxes stacked on top of boxes — rectangular columns everywhere. That's about to change. New specifications, including CSS Shapes and CSS Exclusions, are about to change the shape of the “page.” Sara Soueidan joins Jen Simmons to explain.

In This Episode

  • Creating non-rectangular layouts
  • The CSS Shapes Level 1 specification
  • How to contribute to everyone's learning and become an internet superstar along the way
  • The CSS Exclusions specification
  • The CSS Figures specification
  • What's newly possible in page layout?
  • The debate around CSS Regions
  • Alternatives to Regions
  • The CSS Fragmentation specification
  • The CSS Shapes Level 2 specification with SVG paths