Scott Jehl

Scott Jehl is a web designer and developer who works with the bright folks at Filament Group, where he creates websites and applications for a range of clients such as The Boston Globe, jQuery Mobile, Global News Canada, eBay, and more.

Scott actively participates in the open source community, frequently releasing projects on Github that focus around accessible, sustainable, and performance-oriented practices for cross-device development. Scott enjoys writing and speaking about web design and is co-author of Designing with Progressive Enhancement. He presents regularly at conferences including An Event Apart, Breaking Development, and Mobilism.


Episode 89 Responding Responsibly

It's clear that responsive web design is the way to build a website in today's crazy world of mobile devices, but what's the best way to do so? How can you create a responsive site that's fast and snappy? Scott Jehl joins Jen Simmons to tell us about the latest in how to do RWD right.

In This Episode

  • Progressive enhancement: why, when, how
  • Making sites load quickly
  • Using inline CSS instead of external stylesheets for the sake of performance
  • Preventing jank — problems of things jumping around as the page loads
  • Building resilient websites
  • Content order in RWD (HTML source order)
  • Pros and cons of JavaScript frameworks. Which one is better?
  • How to work with folks who aren't convinced progressive enhancement is important

Episode 29 Smart Responsive Web Design Implementation

Responsive web design creates a new set of development demands. How should we best implement complex sites to load quickly and meet the needs of a wide range of devices? Scott Jehl joins Jen Simmons to talk about the South Street toolset and other Filament Group discoveries of best practices.