Rob Dodson

Rob Dodson is a Developer Advocate at Google, working on web components + polymer. He specializes in Front-End development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) with a touch of Node sprinkled in.


Episode 86 Componentizing the Web

Web Components are all the rage these days — a way to create the web using chunks of code that are reusable across projects. Polymer is a polyfill for using Web Components today. Rob Dodson joins Jen Simmons to explain the current landscape.

In This Episode

  • The Web Component spec
  • Making a component to reuse
  • Interoperability and encapsulation
  • How can we use this now?
  • What is Polymer?
  • Components vs. today's libraries
  • The future of Angular, Bootstrap, Foundation, and the like
  • Accessibility and performance concerns
  • How to get involved