Episode 117 Transforming the Shapes with Eva Ferreira

June 30, 2016

Web pages are visually and technically a pile of boxes. By default, all those boxes are rectangles and squares. But they don't have to be any longer. With CSS we can now transform those rectangles into parallelograms, rhombuses, skewed boxes, circles, and elephants — or any shape we want. Eva Ferreira joins Jen Simmons to talk about what's possible and how to do it.

In This Episode

  • transforms
  • rotation
  • scaling
  • skewing
  • perspective
  • translation
  • clip-path
  • shape-outside
  • how CSS is born

Episode 115 Predicting the future with Rachel Andrew, Eric Meyer, and Jeffrey Zeldman

April 29, 2016

The landscape of what's possible in web page layout is changing. Jen has a theory that this change will be a big one — perhaps the biggest change to graphic design on the web in over 15 years. Rachel, Jeffrey, and Eric join her to debate if that's true or not, and to surmise what the future might bring. This special episode was recorded live at An Event Apart Nashville.

Episode 105 Progressive Enhancement with Aaron Gustafson

August 29, 2015

Progressive Enhancement is a core principle of the web. But these days it seems a lot of folks don't quite understand what it's about. Aaron Gustafson joins Jen Simmons to break it down, and explain why and how your website should be built using the principles of Progressive Enhancement.

In This Episode

  • What is progressive enhancement?
  • How do we do it?
  • But what about supporting the old browsers?
  • But what about doing the hot new stuff?
  • Doesn’t it take longer?
  • Why in the world?
  • Ok, ok, I know I should, but how? no really, how?
  • But what about my cool JavaScript-based Web App for my awesome new startup? That doesn’t need to bother with progressive enhancement, I know it.

Episode 81 Changing the Shapes with Sara Soueidan

September 2, 2014

So far, page layout on the web has predominantly consisted of a lot of boxes stacked on top of boxes — rectangular columns everywhere. That's about to change. New specifications, including CSS Shapes and CSS Exclusions, are about to change the shape of the “page.” Sara Soueidan joins Jen Simmons to explain.

In This Episode

  • Creating non-rectangular layouts
  • The CSS Shapes Level 1 specification
  • How to contribute to everyone's learning and become an internet superstar along the way
  • The CSS Exclusions specification
  • The CSS Figures specification
  • What's newly possible in page layout?
  • The debate around CSS Regions
  • Alternatives to Regions
  • The CSS Fragmentation specification
  • The CSS Shapes Level 2 specification with SVG paths

Episode 63 The Latest in CSS with Chris Coyier

March 20, 2014

What's new in CSS? Chris Coyier joins Jen Simmons to talk about flexbox, grids, regions, shapes, and the future of layout on the web.

Episode 58 CSS Innovation with Lea Verou

October 22, 2013

Lea Verou joins Jen Simmons to talk about CSS, and tell us all about things we can do with CSS today that you might not know about already. Lea also tells us a bit about her adventure recreating the Line-mode browser at CERN.

Episode 53 CSS Animations with Val Head

June 15, 2013

CSS has three powerful specifications that can be used to animate things on the page: CSS Transitions, Transforms, and Animations. Designer and author Val Head joins Jen Simmons to explain how they work.

Episode 49 CSS Layouts with Rachel Andrew

February 27, 2013

Page layout on the web has been constrained for many years by the available technologies. But new technologies that are coming in CSS3 — flexbox, grid layout, regions, and more — promise for an interesting future. Rachel Andrew joins Jen Simmons to explain.

Episode 36 Sass with Scott Kellum

September 26, 2012

CSS preprocessors are becoming very popular very quickly. Many front-end developers are finding them invaluable for coding increasingly-complex sites. Scott Kellum joins Jen Simmons to talk about Sass and Compass, what they offer, how to get started, and why you might want to consider adding such tools to your workflow.

Episode 33 Back to Basics with Jen Robbins

September 6, 2012

The web at its basics is HTML and CSS. If you want to learn these fundamentals, where do you start? Jen Robbins joins Jen Simmons to lay out a road map.

Episode 18 CSS with Eric Meyer

March 2, 2012

CSS is central to the web. What happening with it these days? Author and expert Eric Meyer joins Jen Simmons to talk about the past, present and future of Cascading Style Sheets.

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