Episode 104 Remembering the Everyday Developer with Rachel Andrew

August 13, 2015

An inordinate amount of attention is being paid these days to complex tools chains, JavaScript frameworks, and the assumption that the web is an application platform. Has the web actually been taken over by this one flavor of site? Aren't we getting off-track when we act like nothing else exists anymore? What about the everyday developer? Rachel Andrew joins Jen Simmons to discuss.

In This Episode

  • What is all this emphasis on JavaScript being the end-all be-all of web development?
  • We keep saying “everyone is doing [such-and-such]” — really?
  • The wide diversity of kinds of websites and the different skill-sets of the people who build the web
  • "Native vs. the Web"
  • Are you supposed to know how to use everything?
  • How to keep up with all the changes
  • How things got so complicated
  • What about the people who just want to put their stuff online?
  • Which skills you definitely need
  • How the lack of core skills among developers leads to a mishmash of tools and techniques
  • Celebrating the big impact you can have when working on small projects

Episode 71 Web Design Education with Leslie Jensen-Inman

May 13, 2014

What is the state of formal education for web design, and what might be coming in the future? Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman joins Jen Simmons to talk about her research, what's she's found, and the school she's starting with Jared Spool.

Episode 33 Back to Basics with Jen Robbins

September 6, 2012

The web at its basics is HTML and CSS. If you want to learn these fundamentals, where do you start? Jen Robbins joins Jen Simmons to lay out a road map.

Episode 13 Education with Dan Benjamin

January 12, 2012

Dan Benjamin joins Jen Simmons to talk about how to keep up with the changing technologies of the web. Where do we learn?

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